DIY Matchbox Gift Idea

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your craft on! Today I can’t wait to share a fun & simple DIY to spice up those basic matchboxes.  With a lovely soy candle from Shindig Paperie & a cute matchbox, you’re sure to have the perfect gift for your Valentine!

DIY Matchbox Gift Idea | Shindig Paperie

Let’s just begin by setting the record straight. There is absolutely no reason to throw away your scraps of wrapping paper! Shindig keeps a little bin at the shop full of small pieces from various wrapping jobs. Even the smallest pieces will work wonders for a DIY project! Keep this tip in mind next time you’re headed to the recycling bin…

DIY Matchbox Gift Idea | Shindig PaperieDIY Matchbox Gift Idea | Shindig Paperie

Below you will find the supplies needed to make cute DIY matchbox & candle gift:

1. matchboxes (you can purchase a handful for just under $1 a bundle)
2. scissors
3. ruler
4. glue of any kind
5. scraps of wrapping paper
6. ribbon
7. candle

DIY Matchbox Gift Idea | Shindig Paperie

Making your DIY matchbox is so simple you’ll find you’ve spent just under 10 minutes making an entire bundle! To begin, first gather your supplies. Secondly, measure your bits of paper at roughly 2 in. x 5 in. Once you’ve measured & cut your paper to the appropriate measurements, glue the paper onto the matchbox, wrapping around one side of the matchbox (you will want to make sure you leave one side open so that you can light your matches!). Cut off any excess paper. Repeat until you have enough for gifting!

DIY Matchbox Gift Idea | Shindig Paperie

Here’s the fun part… package up your candle & matchboxes in a variety of ways! Gather your favorite ribbons & twine. Wrap the ribbon or twine around your candle & tuck the matchbox inside.

DIY Matchbox Gift Idea | Shindig PaperieDIY Matchbox Gift Idea | Shindig Paperie

We can’t wait to see your cute & inexpensive matchboxes paired with Sydney Hale & Linnea’s Lights candles from Shindig Paperie!

Content and Photos by Natalie Freeman

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