DIY Stationery Station

By shindig

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I have a simple & inexpensive organizational tip up my sleeve to share with you today! If you’re visiting this space, there’s a good chance you’re a paper junkie just like us. It’s also likely that you hoard stationery, am I right?

DIY Stationery Station | Shindig Paperie

Today’s blog post honors those of the stationery hoarding variety with a little DIY Stationery Station!

It’s simple – just grab a small caddy that you’re no longer using or purchase one at the store. I got mine from a big box store for just a buck! You’ll want to make sure each section will fit 4×6 & 5×7 cards.

Once you’ve found your caddy, begin organizing your stationery into sections. I keep my personalized stationery in the front compartment & themed cards in the back.

DIY Stationery Station | Shindig Paperie

Once you’ve organized your stationery and cards in your caddy, add some stamps to the front to make letter writing even easier.

DIY Stationery Station | Shindig Paperie

Don’t forget to keep a jar of your favorite pens & pencils close by! Keep your caddy next to your desk or on your bookcase for when writing inspiration hits!

We hope this DIY encourages you to take charge of your stack of paper goods & organize them into an inviting stationery station that inspires a handwritten letter to a loved one!

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