DIY Envelope Liners

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DIY Holiday Card Envelope Liners

Holiday season is quickly approaching and families everywhere are scrambling to get their holiday cards ready for sending. One of the best ways to add a finished touch to your holiday greeting cards is to add an envelope liner! Envelope liners make the perfect colorful pop to any letter, and what better time to do it than the holidays?

DIY Holiday Card Envelope LinersDIY Holiday Card Envelope Liners

Because we are SUCH a fan of this extra touch to snail mail, we wanted to feature one of our favorite products for getting the job done! These envelope liner templates are the perfect sidekick for your DIY envelope liners! Each package comes with a mix of sizes to fit any envelope. Grab one here at the shop!

DIY Holiday Card Envelope LinersDIY

Gather your supplies and get ready to make your christmas cards the ones that make the long-lasting impact! You’ll need: Envelope Liner Templates, your christmas card, your choice of envelope, craft paper (check out our single sheets at the shop!), scissors, glue or glue dots, and any accessories you want to add in!

DIY Holiday Card Envelope Liners one

Use your Envelope Liner Template to trace the accurate shape and size onto the paper of your choice.

DIY Holiday Card Envelope Linerstwo

Cut out the traced area.

DIY Holiday Card Envelope Linersthree

Fit your cut out paper into the envelope.

DIY Holiday Card Envelope Linersfour

Glue down the liner onto the envelope to keep it steady and secure for delivery.

DIY Holiday Card Envelope Linersfive

Stick in your holiday mailers with all the fixin’s!

DIY Holiday Card Envelope LinersDIY Holiday Card Envelope Liners

Grab some gals, gather your holiday card supplies, and throw a holiday craft party!

DIY Holiday Card Envelope Liners

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